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About us

About Ozarks Pro Baseball League

A League of Professionals.

Ozarks Professional Baseball League is a new independent league, which will include ten teams our first year. To fill these ten teams we will be hosting a series of tryouts, after which 250 players will be signed to professional contracts. Our goal is to refine each player’s natural ability and baseball mentality to a level that will get them signed to a major league contract.

Awards & Honors

Coach Phil Wilson

Region 2 Division 3 Coach of the year. 2000-2010 North Arkansas Collage Coach. Management of the Ozark Ducks 2002-2003


Our Goal for family fun

Bringing Baseball back to the way it should be...

We strive to provide wholesome entertainment for both fans and families. Our goal is to provide a great game and family fun that is affordable. Our parks are great and the ticket prices are the best around. We want you to come to our park and for your $12 adult ticket you will get a game of baseball, a hot-dog and a soda. You can't beat that anywhere. Come on out and check us out you won't be disappointed. Like us on Facebook and check back to this site regularly for updates and scheduling.