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Tryout Scheduled for Ozark Missouri May 23rd and 24th

We will hold a tryout May 23rd and 24th, at Price Cutter Park in Ozark Missouri.

Tryouts are the best way to see if you have what it takes to be a pro ball player.  If you make the cut you will be part of the Ozarks Professional Baseball League family.  At tryouts you will get the chance to show your stuff.

We are searching for Elite Players to join one of our 10 teams now.


Starts at 10am both days. Register today to get a spot. Contracts are filling quickly so do not wait, sign up today!


Register for Tryouts

57 Responses

  1. so you only have go to for one day to tryout???
    • admin
      The tryout is a two day tryout. We prefer that you are there both days. Work out one day and scrimmage the second. You do not have to be there the second day but it may help your chances of getting a contract. But there are players that are signed the first day.
      • Is there any way I can come tomorrow had a family emergency today!?
        • admin
          It is better to go to both days but Sunday is the evaluation day. We understand and hope everything is ok for you and your family.
  2. If it's prefered to be there both days do u have to pay $75 each day or does that cover both days?
    • admin
      The single registration fee covers both days.
    • Can you still get signed if you don't make the first day workout?
      • admin
        Yes it is possible. The second day is the evaluation day. First day is workout. You are evaluated both days but careful notes are taken on each player on day 2.
  3. Is there a deadkine to register for the may tryout? or maybe a limited amount of guys allowed.
    • admin
      There is no deadline for registration. Management prefers a early registration so that we will be prepared for the volume of players.
  4. Jim
    Will the managers be able to sign any players prior to the draft? If so will they be able to save those players for their own team? What housing allowance will be provided should players be unable to find a host family? Will the players be provided a per diem allowance. Thank you.
    • admin
      We are signing players at the tryouts. Some with extreme talent are signed immediately. Your other questions will be best answered by our Manager of operations. Please fill out the contact form on the Contact us page and he will get back to you on the phone asap.
    • No host families. You need to pay for your own housing during the time. A house or apartment with 4+ players, if not more
  5. bob
    will the field be turf by May 23 tryouts? do i need turf shoes or regular cleats? thanks
    • admin
      The turf will not be installed by the time of the May 23rd tryout. You will need regular cleats. Thanks for your question.
  6. is there any way to pay besides paypal?
    • admin
      You can use a credit card on Paypal if you do not have a Paypal account.
    • admin
      By clicking on the PayPal link it will offer an option to pay with your PayPal account or credit card. Select Credit Card and continue
  7. Questions...... 1. What is the Report date for Players? 2. When is the league supposed to start? Your Facebook website picture has July 2015? News article I've read say June 13, 2015?
    • admin
      Report date is July 1st there will be games played the first week of July.
    • admin
      Call player relations at <a href="tel:9707799163" rel="nofollow">970-779-9163</a>
  8. Are their barracks to sleep or you need to get a hotel
    • admin
      At this time there are no barracks. You must find your own accommodations.
      • admin
        We are working on barracks for details call player relations at 970-779-9163
  9. Is there oppurtunity to try out for multiple positions?
    • admin
      Yes you may try out for mutable positions. Thank you for your question.
  10. bob
    I was just checking weather forecasts for Sat May23 /24. Shows 80% rain. Will there be any alternate ways to tryout if this is rained out on the field? Like an indoor facility? Since many of us will be traveling from other states at great expense. thanks, bob
    • admin
      The weather is nearly impossible to predict this far out, we do have a back up plan in case of rain. The tryout will be as scheduled. Thanks If you have further questions you can call player relations at 970-779-9163
  11. LB
    I see the prior comment about housing but am not sure if it refers to housing for the tryouts or for the players who are signed to play in the league. For the players who have signed contracts, will the league provide their housing? I thought that the players were to report on May 31? If that isn't correct, when should they report? who should a signed player contact if he has questions?
    • admin
      For your questions you can call player relations at 970-779-9163
    • admin
      call player relations at 970-779-9163
  12. I sent my payment and sent my bio but no contact that my bio had been received
    • admin
      You will recieve a letter soon. If you have any questions you can call player relations at 970-779-9163
  13. DLB
    "Report date is July 1st there will be games played the first week of July." A bit confusing? Several other sources indicate June 13
    • admin
      The Heartland of America Baseball league is not part of OPB organization. Thank you for the information. If you are a OPB player who attended a tryout you will be contacted by email and letter in the next two days.
  14. how many players have already been signed? And how many spots are left to be filled?
    • admin
      You can call the Director of Player Relations at 970-779-9163 Many contract have been signed. We are still going over evaluations from the last tryout on the 23rd and 24th of May. All Players will be contacted this week.
  15. TM
    I have received no communication since registering other than an email confirming receipt of my $75 registration fee. I just wanted to clarify that even if it is raining we are to still show up at Price Cutter Park on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Thanks
    • admin
      Yes there was a tryout rain plan as posted on our Facebook page.
  16. Are the Heartland Baseball League and the OPB two seperate entities? Are they both associated with Phil Wilson. I think the intent of both are excellent ideas.
    • admin
      Our Lawyers are working on this now. Coach Phil Wilson is with Ozarks Pro Baseball and is not associated with the Heartland Baseball league. Coach Phil Wilson has asked that they remove him from their website and everything else. That is all we can say at this time.
  17. Will all players who tried out get a call to let them no if they made it or not thanks
    • admin
      Yes all players will be contacted we will send an email.
      • My name is oliver Zapata I would like to know if there's still spot open in the teams I played 5 years minor league I'm only 22 years old I would like to try out I would like to know more details about the try out because I live in New York thanks
        • admin
          Thanks for you comment Zapata. We have spots open and out next tryout is in Ozark MO June 13th and 14th. <a href="https://test.ozarksprobaseball.com/services-view/tryouts/" rel="nofollow">Tryouts</a>
  18. Based on your Facebook page the first games start the first week of July. How long is the season/league going to last?
    • admin
      The League will be here for years to come. The 2015 season will last through September.
  19. Players who have signed with OPB have not received an email/letter as of yet and it has been 2 days since you posted that the league will be sending out a letter to signed players. This whole situation is a mess to say the least. Signed Players with OPB do not know what is going on?? Please release a statement ASAP so that players can know what the heck is going on. Players have also been contacted by the Heartland league, how does a player know for sure OPB has their contracts?? When they signed a contract that has OZARK Professional Baseball League but have yet to receive a copy of their signed contract. Called the player relations number but no answer, left a message but no call back.
    • admin
      All players should have received an email regarding their status this email was sent last Wed to all the Ozarks Pro Baseball players. Please check your email. We will release a statement regarding the Heartland League as soon as possible. Go to the Contacts page and fill out the form or message us your phone number on <a href="https://www.facebook.com/ozarksprobaseball" rel="nofollow">Facebook</a>and we will get back to you soon. We apologize for not getting back to you from your last phone call and message.
  20. My son received an Ozark contract and sent it back in on May 21st to Art Wilkinson. Which organization is he with now? Will this contract be honored?
    • admin
      If your son is signed by Ozarks Pro Baseball he is with our organization. Why did he send it to Art Wilkinson? We have heard that Art is using contracts with our business name. You can call the Director at 1 970 779 9159, he will be able inform you of your sons status.
  21. Haven't got a email or letter with information. Whenwill the signed players with OPB be getting a letter with information about report dates and league? And when is the season start and end?
    • admin
      Have you still not received anything? All players from the May 23 and 24 tryout should have been contacted if they are signed or not. Check your email.
  22. If a player go to both try outs and they really like his evaluation and the league would like to give him a contract but that player doesn't live in the country does the league provide that player with a working visa ir not?
  23. I can appreciate that you're involved with in a dispute with HoABL and might not be able to give details because of legal proceedings that may be happening. However, I have a single, simple question: How many open roster spots currently exist? You have a new tryout in mid-June and I'm trying to figure out whether to drive 15+ hours if there's only a few roster spots unfilled or you're looking only for a couple of stud pitchers (I'm a position player). I will have no trouble committing to playing a full season with Ozarks Pro Baseball and can pay for my own room & board so the distance from my home isn't an issue for the season. However, to drive a long distance for a tryout where the league is only looking for few players for a couple of unfilled roster spots might not be worth it. Thanks in advance for you response.
    • admin
      Yes we are looking for position players. Some players have already been signed, but we are still looking for those that have potential to move up to the Majors. Thank you for your question.
  24. Admin any answers for my question and thank you for that question Joseph because I live in NYC

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